Are you a suitable VTAS partner?

VTAS is seeking suitable partners for pilot trials

The VTAS proposition will bring independent assessment and verification of energy saving technologies to the shipping industry. This provides an opportunity for early adopters to become partners in trials to help shape the benefit delivery and service offering we will be providing.
In order to kick-start this process VTAS is pleased to be able to provide financial contributions (ranging from match funding upwards) towards the installation, data assessment and interpretation for a limited number of appropriate cases. If you have plans to deploy energy saving technologies to improve vessel performance – or are seeking support validating already installed equipment – then we would be delighted to hear from you. By working closely together, whereby we would install vessel performance equipment on your vessel(s) in exchange for vessel design and performance data, we will be able to offer you particular benefits:

  • A comparison of fuel consumption on past voyages compared to modelled performance
  • A look ahead for potential fuel savings with the chosen energy saving technology and an assessment of the proposed technology
  • Support with your business case for the installation of the technology
  • Recommendations for operational changes that could enhance benefits and fuel savings
This approach will place our partners in a robust knowledge rich environment able to make more informed business decisions.

If this opportunity is of interest and you would like to be considered as a VTAS partner, please contact Ian Sellwood through