Vast fuel saving potential for the global fleet

Tim Hardy, Noel Tomlinson, Simon Hayes and Dan Matson report on SMM Hamburg 2018.

With reportedly over 50,000 industry visitors from more than 120 countries it was great to be at SMM in Hamburg, to meet so many people and see so many novel energy saving technologies showcased in a hall dedicated to ‘Green Propulsion’.

Energy efficient shipping was on everyone’s lips together with a recognition that there’s no single energy technology solution to decarbonising shipping – which involves collaboration and innovation in equal measure. There was lively discussion about ballast water treatment, low sulphur fuel regulations and the need to learn from the cruise and ferry industry who are quickly becoming environmental front-runners.

There was a broad welcome for the IMO’s ambitious GHG 2050 reduction targets, but concern that ambition alone won’t provide sufficient stimulus for large scale change in the shipping industry - especially when further IMO developments are likely. Whatever fuel a vessel burns, Hamburg heard that the financial incentives to minimise costs and improve operational performance make sense when you consider that it could take up to 13 years for shipyards to replace the current container, bulker and tanker world fleet. The time has come to make the best use of existing vessels using energy saving technologies.

Dan, who attended the Global Maritime Environmental Congress (GMEC) said

It was exciting and encouraging to see the industry come together to share perspectives and expert opinion on the scale of the environmental challenges and, more importantly, opportunities to overcome them

With its motto ‘Trends in SMMart Shipping’ Hamburg 2018 captured the way digitalisation and big data are key drivers for achieving improved performance and environmental protection in shipping.
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