VTAS Advisory Board Providing Invaluable Insights

At the Vessel and Technology Advice & Support (VTAS) Project, we are looking to open the door for the release of capital into the commercial shipping industry - to promote and accelerate the take up of Energy Saving Technologies (EST) by commercial shipping.

Our Advisory Board - consisting of experts from finance, regulatory bodies, academia, ship owners, marine technology developers and environmental experts from other industries – is helping steer our direction, monitor our progress and ensure that we capture the insight we need.

At its last meeting, on board HQS Wellington, Charles Yates, VTAS Business Development Manager, updated the Board on business modelling progress. This led to a discussion on the benefits and potential pitfalls of different business / market scenarios and how regulation might impact current business models and different strategies for monetising the project team’s knowledge and expertise - for the benefit of an enduring entity to continue to promote ESTs after project completion.

The Board also heard from John Buckingham, VTAS Chief Technology Officer, who took the Board through some of the vessel performance modelling that is being undertaken to improve confidence in and predict the impact of ESTs on vessel performance. Discussion varied widely from how industry standard metrics could bring great benefit to the reliability of sensor technologies, , to understanding how ESTs could potentially benefit the supply chain.

We continue to use Advisory Board discussions to influence our future project work and engage individual Board members in more detailed discussions. We are hugely grateful to the members who give up their time and expertise freely and we’re looking forward to hosting them again aboard HMS Belfast in October.

So, could you be part of the VTAS Advisory Board? If you can offer impartial and knowledgeable insight into the project and are passionate about the future of ESTs in shipping we want to hear from you. Contact Anne Straw on 07881 109051.